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 Works vs Faith (Intro)

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PostSubject: Works vs Faith (Intro)   Tue May 05, 2015 9:29 pm

I'd like to begin a new series concerning the debated topic of whether a Christian is saved based on works or faith, or a combination of the two.  This will be another long series and I did not want to interrupt the ongoing Revelation series.  The reason this will be a long series is because there are many passages that needs to be covered, as these passages are often misinterpreted and incorrect conclusions are made leading to an incorrect view of salvation.  I contend that both sides of this issue are not completely accurate.  Even the side that I agree with end up misinterpreting certain Scriptures and they tie themselves up when they try to speak or preach on those passages.  

My view, which I will prove to be true through lengthy scrutiny of the bible is this: salvation is by faith alone, not by works or by anything that a person does.  That is, one only needs to believe that Jesus is Lord and has died and resurrected from the grave to pay one's sin debt.  Salvation is not based on a mix of faith and works--this is where many are confused.  There are confusing passages that leads readers to make this incorrect conclusion.  Regarding our salvation, faith and works cannot be mixed; one literally cancels the other.  They are dichotomies.  

I don't know how long this will be, but it will be quite lengthy.  There are many passages that need to be covered for its accurate interpretation including, but not limited to the book of James, epistles of John, Peter, Corinthians, Hebrews, Timothy, Romans, Philippians, Galatians, and the Gospels.  That's almost all of the books of the New Testament.  Also, closely linked to this topic is the topic of whether or not a Christian can lose his or her salvation.  If salvation is by works then a Christian can lose it.  If by faith only then a Christian is locked in one's salvation as long as the Christian continues to believe (one cannot start off as a Christian by faith and then convert to Islam or Jehovah's Witnesses and expect to be saved).  We will discuss all of this and more.  This study requires that we look very closely at what the Scripture is telling us.  So please follow along with your bibles open.  This is a fun study and very enlightening.  You will learn how to interpret passages that you thought you knew, but now realize its meaning in a new light.  I hope you stick with me through the end.  God bless.

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Works vs Faith (Intro)
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