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 Revelation Chapter 14 (Part 60) (Verses 6 - 13)

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Revelation Chapter 14 (Part 60) (Verses 6 - 13) Empty
PostSubject: Revelation Chapter 14 (Part 60) (Verses 6 - 13)   Revelation Chapter 14 (Part 60) (Verses 6 - 13) EmptyWed Dec 20, 2017 8:55 pm

Revelation Chapter 14 (Part 60) (Verses 6 - 13)

Revelation 14:6-7 says, “Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the Earth—to every nation, tribe, language and people. He said in a loud voice, ‘Fear God and give Him glory, because the hour of His judgment has come. Worship Him who made the heavens, the Earth, the sea and the springs of water.’” The bible says that the Father created the heavens and the Earth. The bible also says that the Son created the heavens and the Earth. And in Genesis 1:2, we see that the Holy Spirit was involved in creating the Earth. Psalm 104:30 says, “When you send your Spirit, they are created, and you renew the face of the Earth.” Job 33:4 says, “The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.” So we see that the Holy Spirit is also Creator. So where this angel says, “Worship Him who made the heavens, the Earth, the sea and the springs of water,” he is ultimately saying worship God the Trinity. The eternal gospel, according to this angel is a command to worship God. Only through Jesus Christ does mankind have access to worship God. He is worthy to be worshiped, and as created beings, we are obligated to worship Him.

Verse 8 says, “A second angel followed and said, ‘Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great, which made all the nations drink the maddening wine of her adulteries.’” John sees three angels traveling together in the sky. This is the second of the three. This angel proclaims the fall of Babylon the Great. Babylon still stands today, for it does not fall until the end of the 7 year Tribulation period. Even though the location of ancient Babylon is Iraq, Babylon is more than a place—Babylon is a system. In Revelation (and other parts of the bible), Babylon represents a system of independency from God. It represents a system of mankind reaching the heights without God. Included in this system are materialism, idolatry, self-ism, and the American Dream. So successful is this system that she made all nations of the Earth drink and get drunk on her propaganda and indoctrination. We see Babylon the Great in our movies, our sports, our songs, and sadly, even in our sermons of prosperity teachings. Babylon has even crept into the Church. We see Babylon in our science books that teach that man evolved from a single cell by chance, apart from a Divine Creator. This system is an ancient one that dates as far back as the Tower of Babel in the book of Genesis. Babylon won’t actually fall until we get to Revelation chapter 18, so we will defer further study of Babylon until we get there. This angel makes an anticipatory proclamation of the fall of Babylon because its end is near.

Verses 9-11: “A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: ‘If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand, he, too, will drink of the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. He will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment rises for ever and ever. There is no rest day or night for those who worship the beast and his image, or for anyone who receives the mark of his name.’”

Here, we get a peek into what “Hell” is like. Hell will be non-ending torment of burning sulfur, day and night, with no rest, forever and ever. Jesus said that Hell was created for the Devil and his angels. Hell was created to torment beings greater than us, so how much more will it be detrimental suffering for human beings who are the lesser creatures? It is a place that mankind must avoid at all costs. The good news is that Jesus Christ bought us out of the penalty of Hell and all we have to do is to receive that payment through faith by believing that His death and resurrection from the dead through the Cross has paid our sin debt in full. What person would let his or her friend fall into a pit that they don’t see coming? Why are Christians letting their pagan friends fall into a dreadful, eternally painful pit without telling them the way to avoid it? Will we not be judged for our silence? Many Christians avoid the topic around their pagan friends so not to hurt their feelings or to bring up contention. Which is the greater pain—feelings getting hurt or an eternal torment of burning sulfur? Ezekiel 3:18 says, “When I [God] say to a wicked man, ‘You will surely die,’ and you do not warn him or speak out to dissuade him from his evil ways in order to save his life, that wicked man will die for his sin, and I will hold you accountable for his blood.” Fellow Saints, may we all answer the call of Jesus’ great commission by going and making disciples of all nations, including our pagan friends and coworkers, and warn them about the wrath to come and the free escape of provision that God has provided us in Christ Jesus.

The passage above says that if anyone worships the beast, they are doomed. To accept the mark of the beast on the forehead or hand is considered worshipping the beast. If they accept the beast’s mark on their foreheads or on their hands, they have signed a contract of eternal death that cannot be undone. That brings up a dilemma. We learned in chapter 13 that the mark of the beast will be the currency of the day. It will likely be an electronic implant that includes the person’s social security number, birth certificate, and bank account. It might be run by a company with a name like 666 incorporated. The Anti-Christ will oversee the entire system. It will be a world currency and the only way people will be able to purchase food. Our dollars today will be obsolete. There will be only 2 choices in that day: accept the mark so you can eat, but be eternally condemned, or starve. Maybe those who don’t accept the mark will try to rely on backyard gardens and hunting. But there will not be that much food in that day because we learned in chapter 8 that a third of vegetation of all the Earth was burned up; and a third of sea life of all the Earth was destroyed; and much of the meat was contaminated by plague and disease (Rev 6:8 ).

This is a peculiar passage and a peculiar time. Let’s ponder some interesting ramifications. If a professed Christian at this time feels that his or her hunger pains are too much and decide to accept the mark of the beast, that action would cancel out their salvation. There is no such “canceling out salvation” anywhere else in Scripture. The only way to cancel out salvation today is to stop the faith that is saving you—such as, converting to Jehovah’s Witness from Christianity. Accepting this mark of the beast is a one and done event. This means that a person who accepted the mark of the beast, cannot now accept Jesus to become saved. This is different from today, where if a vacillating Christian gets tricked by a Jehovah’s Witness and converts to their religion; but later realizes that Jehovah’s Witness is a cult and false religion, and converts back to Christianity, that person will be saved. But such would not be possible to convert back from accepting the mark of the beast. This is a peculiar nuance for this Tribulation dispensation.

Another interesting thing we see from the passage above is that present at the judgment of the unsaved will be God’s holy angels and, of course Jesus, the Lamb. The saved will not be present at the judgment of Revelation 20:11-15.

Verse 12 says, “This calls for patient endurance on the part of the saints who obey God’s commandments and remain faithful to Jesus.” Only the 144,000 Jewish Christians will be guaranteed safety throughout the Tribulation period. The other converts, however, will be in serious danger throughout. There will be many Christian martyrs during the Tribulation. Those who are left will suffer greatly, including enduring great hunger pains since they did not accept the mark of the beast. Since the mark of the beast is the currency of the day, that means that the saints will not be able to purchase land or rent housing. Christians will only have to endure the first 3 and a half years of the 7 year Tribulation. There will be no Christians for the second half of the Tribulation. Regarding the Tribulation day (not the day of Grace), Jesus says in Matthew 24:22, “If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened. If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.” Jesus is going to rapture out those who became Christians during the Tribulation period in the middle half of the Tribulation so that they will not experience the worst of what is to come in the second half.

Verse 13 says, “Then I heard a voice from heaven say, ‘Write: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.’ ‘Yes,’ says the Spirit, ‘they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.’” The words “from now on,” or as other translations have it, “henceforth,” makes this verse a little difficult to follow. This passage would be easy to follow without it. We understand that those who die in the Lord are blessed, for they have made it to “Heaven” and escaped the Lake of Fire. We understand that this life is hard compared to the next. In the next life, there will be rest from hardships and labor. But the word “henceforth” here, adds complexity. “Henceforth” seems to imply that Christians will always be dying. We know from Scripture that Death and Hades will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. Revelation 14:13 is uttered in the middle of the Tribulation period. The Rapture has occurred, and we still have saints on Earth who have converted to Christianity during the Tribulation. So do these words refer only to the saints who have yet to die and are about to? Actually, verse 13 supports our conclusions from our Kingdom of Heaven series. In that series, we saw that Christians will still be “dying”, according to Isaiah chapter 65, throughout the Millennium and Eternity. Recall that those saved during the Tribulation period did not yet receive their spiritual Jesus-like bodies. They will be procreating from the Millennium and beyond. That group: that is, those who are born during the Millennium and those born during what we call “Eternity” who are in Christ, will still have their Earthly bodies, and when they so-called “die”, but they will not experience death as we do today—it will just be a process of dropping their Earthly bodies and putting on the new spiritual one. We learned in Isaiah that there will still be procreation and “death” (not real death, just bodily death) throughout what we call “eternity”. Controversial or esoteric interpretation? Maybe. But that’s what Isaiah tells us in chapter 65.
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Revelation Chapter 14 (Part 60) (Verses 6 - 13)
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