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Discuss your anxiety panic attacks or depression with other Christians. Find support from other Christians who are experiencing the same thing. Find answers. Pray and encourage one another through Jesus Christ.
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 Did you have a good day today? Please post about it here.

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PostSubject: Did you have a good day today? Please post about it here.   Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:18 pm

This thread assumes that you have been having a series of bad days, but suddenly a good day shows up by surprise that breaks the cycle of bad days.

Well, such has happened to me today. I had been having a series of bad days till today, but today was a surprisingly good day. I can never predict these days when a good day will interrupt a series of bad days. Well my problem with fear is tied to how I walk (crazy, i know) and how others percieve how I walk. My walk becomes awkward when the fear comes about. Today I went out thinking that without the fear, my walk is sound. I know that is true (though I don't always feel it to be true). So the fear seemed to vanish today. At a couple of times it tried to creep up. (It tries to creep up if there are a number of peers around). But I asserted that without the fear, my walk is sound and therefore there is nothing to fear. And there was no fear.

Putting together back to back days has always been difficult for me, but I pray that I will start a string of days, weeks, months, and years.

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Did you have a good day today? Please post about it here.
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