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 Who Inspires Me to Experience the Full Christian Life!

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Who Inspires Me to Experience the Full Christian Life! Empty
PostSubject: Who Inspires Me to Experience the Full Christian Life!   Who Inspires Me to Experience the Full Christian Life! EmptyFri Aug 19, 2011 11:51 am

I just finished reading this new book called "Where the Rubber Meets the Road With God" by Jack Levine. Chapter by chapter Jack takes you through another experience in his life where God showed him spiritually where the rubber meets the road. Each chapter will reveal new key concepts and principals taking the reader as it took Jack to their moment of truth with God.

Speaking on so many Sundays in front of so many people and seeing and meeting so many miserable Christians. Oh they knew God and they loved God but they weren’t happy, had no peace and joy in their hearts, it brought author Jack Levine to tears. So he looked at his own life and said why do I have something they don’t, we have the same God, but I have the joy and happiness of the lord, my life seemed so great to them and it should because it is!

But It wasn’t always that way. Hooked on drugs, and the trappings of modern day life, hungry for money power, prestige and possessions and living the fast life as a Madison Ave advertising executive, Jack was empty inside, no purpose, no passion and no reason to live. Wondering what life was really all about. Then God brought him to his knees after he put his car through a fence in a drug induced black out. It was a moment of truth where the Rubber Literally met the Road with God for Jack.

This man really inspires me to live the life that us Christians are called to live!
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Who Inspires Me to Experience the Full Christian Life!
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