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Discuss your anxiety panic attacks or depression with other Christians. Find support from other Christians who are experiencing the same thing. Find answers. Pray and encourage one another through Jesus Christ.
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 Does Cesar Milan help?

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Does Cesar Milan help? Empty
PostSubject: Does Cesar Milan help?   Does Cesar Milan help? EmptySat Aug 20, 2011 2:54 pm

I am not trying to compare us or our situation to that of dogs, but I have noticed in watching The Dog Whisperer that some of the dogs seem to live in the type of fear that I have experienced. Looking at the dogs and their fear, I can see how they focus on their fear. It may be a fear of walking on smooth surfaces, or a fear of other dogs. They seem to have a brain freeze when their object of fear is before them. Their face looks like that of a deer in headlights when they start staring and focusing on what they are afraid of. Then Cesar gives good advice on helping them to unlock their brains that are focused on their fear. He makes sure that they are with their object of fear, but he keeps their mind focused no something else, maybe even, on himself.

I try to apply some of the same techniques that I see on the show. I try to keep my mind off of my object of fear and try focusing on something else, even on Jesus. Hey, if the dogs can conquer their fears, then so can we!
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Does Cesar Milan help?
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