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Discuss your anxiety panic attacks or depression with other Christians. Find support from other Christians who are experiencing the same thing. Find answers. Pray and encourage one another through Jesus Christ.
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 Hi my name is sonia benstead, author of dancing out of darkness in amazon kindle

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PostSubject: Hi my name is sonia benstead, author of dancing out of darkness in amazon kindle   Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:16 am

I want to share with you that Jesus healed me of depression and anxiety!! It was long standing since age 17. I had a lot of abuse and trauma to contend with and was raised in a religious environment. I knew about God but didn't know the grace of God so I ran from him. I always felt the stigma of having depression despite the fact that I was quite successful in the world. I was a perfectionist and always strove to achieve much. I ended up in Counselling - both in Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Counselling. I looked for answers in the secular world as well as in the church and found many things somewhat useful but knew there was more. It wasn't until I learnt about the finished work of the cross and was lead to some great Grace teachers that my deliverance finally came. I was lead to write a book about being set free from depression even before I was off my medication!! It was done in faith and by the time I finished writing the book, I was off of all my medication!! Jesus led me to start dancing again and set up a dance ministry which was hugely beneficial and fruitful. I was also given revelation after revelation by Holy Spirit about my identity in Him as a New Creation and was lead to drop some of my thinking and take on the mind of Christ which we all have. It started with faith in a good God, a God who wanted me healed and was able to deliver. Then I was shown who I truly was, all the implications of the finished work of the cross and learnt to enter His presence and experience His immense joy and peace like never before!! I learnt a lot from Grace teachers at the Field of Dreams Australia church and visiting speakers like John Crowder. I was lead to others who preach this like Georgian Banov, Godfrey Birtill and many more...I watched the movie "Finger of God" and was inspired to believe in the Supernatural and was delivered from Religious spirits and from the Political Spirit...My fan page "Dancing out of Darkness" on face book links you to my kindle ebook in amazon if people want to read more about how I was miraculously healed!! Praise the Lord!!
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Hi my name is sonia benstead, author of dancing out of darkness in amazon kindle
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