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 Open Questions and Answers

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PostSubject: Open Questions and Answers   Open Questions and Answers EmptySat Jan 28, 2012 8:18 pm

I guess what I really had in mind for this "biblical Questions and Answers" section is for open discussions of difficult things to interpret in the bible. This is just not for me to answer them. This is open for all to answer and all to ask.

And please do not think that I think that I have all the answers. I will eagerly admit that I don't know something. I will also not be silent to a question that I believe I have an answer to.

I will never give an answer that is not biblically verified, and if I do, I will make it absolutely clear, that I am only giving my opinion, as that I do not find it in the Scriptures. Please believe me when I say that I am truly humbled. I was humbled a long time ago, and take no pride in what I believe I know and do not believe that I am better than anyone, even than a brand new Christian.

This thread here will be open for random questions. Please feel free to both ask and answer. I'll try to also answer those I think I have an answer to. I wish everyone here a special blessing in the Lord Jesus.
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Open Questions and Answers
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