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Discuss your anxiety panic attacks or depression with other Christians. Find support from other Christians who are experiencing the same thing. Find answers. Pray and encourage one another through Jesus Christ.
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PostSubject: new to site   new to site EmptyWed Dec 26, 2012 9:34 pm

hi- my name is Jenn. I'm am 34 yrs. old. I honestly have no idea how I came across this site but I'm glad I did. I have dealt with anxiety/hypochondria and OCD for many years. After the births of each if my children I had ppd and hypochondria that resulted in having extreme fear of death and health issues. These health issues were minor and never resulted in anything substantial but in my mind they were life threatening. Usually once I began antidepressant{Paxil} and would get my thyroid back under control the anxieties began to diminish. until recently.. I am 2 1/2 years past having children and so my anxieties are not related to that however I am currently dealing with hormone imbalance as well as just got my thyroid straightened out and to a normal level. My current hypochondria is back and OCD over checking my body constantly for lumps, bumps, anything that seems or feels abnormal, worrying incessantly over a cough or a pain or a headache, stomachache etc. I hate it--/ I loathe it-- I despise it. yet I'm so deeply addicted to this that I'm driven by it 24/7. I wake up shaking and fearful. I am married and my faithful husband has been a strong encouragement to me over the years through this but he has reached his limit and I know the toll this is taking on my marriage. I believe 100% that my fear and anxiety stems from something much much deeper than just the health fears but I'm struggling to get to the root of it. I struggle with guilt and with acceptance -- I think I have an eating disorder and seek to find control on any way I can. I am a born again believer but I am very demonically oppressed. I am tired of living under this condemnation and want Gods healing on my life- my thoughts but feel lost and overwhelmed. I am looking to dive into Gods truth through his Word. Thank you
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PostSubject: Re: new to site   new to site EmptyWed Dec 26, 2012 11:52 pm

Hello Jenn. Welcome to the site. I hope you find good answers and strength here. I have to get back to working on the blogs because I still have a lot of good things share. It sounds like you have found the root cause of your problem and that is very important. Satan and his demons want you to blame everything but him and not see that he is the root of the problem. The good news is that Jesus defeated Satan on our behalf. When we submit to Jesus, we experience the victory. Read my Truth blog. Satan's main weapon is deception and lies. We need to focus on the victory of the cross. God's grace in Christ gives us the power to be overcomers. God has freed us from condemnation in Christ. I'll be praying for you.
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