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PostSubject: Techniques   Techniques EmptyFri Mar 15, 2013 9:12 am

This blog is in its infancy stage. I will continually add to it as more techniques come to me.

1. I recently learned that according to scientists/researchers, the human brain cannot focus on 4 things at the same time. Most people cannot process 3 things at the same time. I noticed 3 is about my limit. I’ll restate my anxiety disorder: it is a fear of walking in public places, where I begin to walk uncoordinated when the anxiety comes on. All kinds of racing thoughts build up to create a bad panic attack. Thoughts such as: “Am I walking fine now?” “How does that person perceive me?” “Who is behind me that may be paying attention to me?” “Will I keep my composure for this entire hallway?” etc. Well, instead of those thoughts, since I can only think of up to 3 things at a time, I have a list of things to choose from to occupy my mind. Such include: the design of the ceiling or floor; count as many colors I see; notice every detail of everyone’s shoes; notice every detail of everyone’s hairstyle; think of Jesus; think of confidence; how would this person look when he or she gets old (or if it is an old person, how did they used to look when they were young?). And, if it is a complicated thought, then my mind can only think of the one thing. I’m into music, so I sometimes think of the circle of 5ths, or chords or intervals (a 6th up from G#). Or saying the alphabet backwards from Z. When I pick any 3 on the list and think about them, there is no room in my mind to occupy the fear thoughts, and I am able to go without a panic attack. It works well as long as you do not abandon one of the 3 thoughts and start thinking of fear again. You just need one complicated thought, or 3 of those uncomplicated thoughts that I mentioned, such as colors, floor design, hairstyles, etc.

2. This is sort of a continuation of technique #1. We are able to reverse the cause of the fear in the same way that the fear came upon us in the beginning. The fear came upon us because we meditated on those thoughts for so long until our minds triggered our first panic attacks. And when the panic attacks came we focused on those thoughts even more until finally they became a normal way of thinking for us. Let’s do the opposite. So for me, with the fear of walking without losing my composure, I will consume my mind with thoughts of me walking as if I am taking a stroll in the park, but going everywhere and making friends along the way. I will focus on everyone complimenting me (even though, in reality, they mock me when they see me lose coordination). We who have panic attacks, naturally focus on the bad after a panic attack and those who mocked us and the humiliation we experienced. So even if you have a panic attack, imagine of how it is as if you never had it. Imagine all the friends that you have. Everyone greeting you, wishing they could get to know you better. I can do this even while sitting all day at work. This way, I am rewiring my mind. It is a progressive treatment, but if you stick to it, you will eventually retrain and rewire your mind to think the new way that you are in your imagination. It took an active imagination to come up with these crazy fear thoughts, and that rewired our brains from peace to fear. It takes an active effort to imagine ourselves as the opposite as we are now used to being so that we can rewire our brains back to the peace we had. Don’t expect this to work on day one. It took a while before our running thought created our first panic attack. Retraining our thoughts will take time and diligence. NEVER put yourself down after a panic attack. It sets back your rewiring of your brain. Just meditate on the panic attack you had and imagine yourself being successful instead of panicking.

3. EFT tapping. Google it. It is really weird, but after you do it, without any explainable reason, it seems to work. And Google an EFT tapping chart on Google Images. And it is also explained on YouTube. There are a bunch of videos about it.

4. You might not want to hear this one, but it works. Go ahead and have a full blown panic attack. It actually resets the mind and releases all of that built up fear. We go through our day, usually, with mini-panic attacks, trying to fight off that big attack. But the big attack, though humiliating or embarrassing as it may seem, actually releases all of that fear and you will feel better afterwards because not only does it release the fear, but since that is as bad as it gets, you feel in control afterwards.

5. Hypnotherapy. Here is a good one to try out: [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

6. I don't know about this one: [Only admins are allowed to see this link] It claims that a special vibration cures anxiety and depression. Let me know if any of you notice any thing. Doesn't hurt to try.
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