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 The Spirit of Fear

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PostSubject: The Spirit of Fear   The Spirit of Fear EmptySun May 19, 2013 4:53 pm

Fear is a demonic entity. It is an evil angelic being. It is an evil spirit. There are many of these demonic spirits of fear that seek to reside in human habitants. They seek the vulnerable, or whoever they are able to inhabit. They have a certain, predictable personality. I’m not referring to a person being afraid for a moment for good reason. I am not referring to a person getting scared from something legitimately scary. I am referring to an unnatural, nonsensical, ever perpetuating fear that does not easily leave and shows up just about every day, most of the day, to torment the possessor. There is a spirit for every evil. There is a drunken spirit; a lascivious spirit; a hot-tempered spirit; a murderous spirit; a hateful spirit; a lazy spirit; a gay spirit; etc. I’m not here to be politically correct, just biblically. The reason why just about all gays act the same is because they all share the same spirit family.

Let’s get past the debate: can an evil spirit inhabit a saved Christian. The spirit of fear is an evil spirit. 2 Timothy 1:7 calls it a spirit of fear. And it says that it does not come from God, so it must come from Satan. I have been possessed with the spirit of fear for about half of my life. I am a Christian. Let’s work this idea some. So, if someone is not a Christian and has an evil spirit within, and then the person inside suddenly becomes a Christian does that automatically eject the evil spirit? No, it doesn’t. The two would be cohabitants. Or, if one is a Christian, is he or she immune to the evil spirit of fear? No, not the case either. Advocates who say that Christians cannot be possess base it off of two Scriptures. One states, “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” So they say that Satan is in the world, not in the Christian, and, that only Jesus/Holy Spirit is in you. I’m not sure if that verse extends to meaning that. The other basically states, “The Holy Spirit is in you and therefore, your body is the temple of the Lord.” The bible also says that even Satan shows up in the Church as a deceptive wolf. He is not immune to church temples. He even showed up in heaven in the book of Job. The bible also says that “Perfect love casts out all fear.” To be cast out of the Christian means that the Christian possessed the spirit of fear in the first place. It has to be there to be cast out.

The spirit of fear thinks irrationally. No panic attack thought is rational. They are all irrational. They never make sense. This spirit is quite dumb, if you think about it, because it cannot think in a rational fashion. My panic attack, as I’ve mentioned many times before is the fear of walking in public, even though there is inherently nothing wrong with my walk, awkwardness only shows up when I fear. That is quite irrational. I don’t even know what fear you, the reader possess, but I do know that whatever it is, it is very irrational and does not make reasoning sense. Whether it’s the fear of elevators, the fear of bridges, or even the fear of death; everyone dies, that’s inevitable, and so to live with the fear of death is an irrational thought. This spirit thinks irrationally. It is important to know how it thinks.

To those who truly have the spirit of fear, you can feel its presence if you stop to think about it. Just take a moment, and take some deep breaths, and relax. If the spirit of fear is active in you, it is breathing differently than you are. Doctors call it tachycardia. Doctors, of course would never diagnose something as a spiritual entity. Is it really tachycardia? You can feel its presence if you in a sense, step outside of yourself and meditate and see the difference between the real you and it. Think about your own thoughts. And come to realize the thoughts that it is sending to your mind that you are not even thinking about. It is sending to your mind the thoughts of the object of your fear, whatever that may be. But you can think about, say, ice-cream and how great it taste, and it is still thinking (separately from you) about that object of fear. Step outside of yourself and look within and you will be able to sense that there is something else, some other personality not your own that is also inhabiting your body and mind. Its thoughts are not your thoughts. It is only repeating into your mind the thoughts that it wants you to adopt as your thoughts. If you really stop to think and analyze your body and mind, then you can expose it and come to the revelation of its presence. It is important to do this because it doesn’t want you to realize its presence, so that you will never seek to attack it directly. It wants you to think that it is all you that is fearing and having these thoughts. It wants to go unseen and undetected so that it can continue to rampage your life without discovery. You see, our battle is really not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, principalities and dark forces in the heavenly realms. We are truly battling demonic forces, but these demonic forces do not want to be discovered for what they truly are. They rather get diagnosed as a health problem. They have the advantage when they go undetected and given a different diagnosis. When they are given a different diagnosis, then they will be attacked by methods other than spiritual methods, which cannot work, and do not work, because only spiritual weapons can beat spiritual foes. No medicine, meditation, counseling, or worldly treatment can defeat a spiritual foe that is residing within us. It must be exposed for what it is, acknowledged and attacked using only spiritual weapons, which include the Word of God and prayer.

The spirit of fear has its own anxiety disorder. It has its fears. The spirit of fear fears Jesus. It fears the blood of Christ and the cross; and, it fears the perfect love of God in Christ Jesus. It fears God’s Word. It fears the authority of Jesus Christ. Just like it tells us lies about irrational fears that it tries to deceive us into thinking, realize this, that the spirit of fear has its own irrational fears. Isn’t it irrational, in our worldly, and humanly rationale to fear perfect love? Well, that is what the bible says that fear fears. The spirit of fear fears God’s perfect love that He has for us in Christ Jesus. That being the case, we are now able to turn the table on this demonic being called the spirit of fear and use its method of torment that it uses on us against it. Often one attacks with the method one feels in its own self vulnerable to. The spirit of fear attacks us with fear because it itself is vulnerable to the very weapon it uses against us. But instead of attacking fear with lies and deception, we need to attack it with truth and the Word of God, which is what it fears.

So do this: when fear goes through its routine and makes its presence known to you by whispering the lies of the fear that has you captive, trying to make you focus on that object of fear, turn the tables and do that to the fear, by telling it what it fears and get its attention to the object of its fear, which is the perfect love of God and Christ Jesus. In the same way that it works in your mind against you, do the same thing against it. Say, for instance, your anxiety is the fear of people. So the spirit of fear knows this and waits until you leave your house then shows up to try to torment you with by getting you to focus on the object of your fear, which is, in this case, crowds of people. So it says into your mind, “Oh no, there is a crowd of people that I need to pass in order to get to my car. Am I able to make it without having a panic attack? Do I have the strength? What if they notice something wrong in me? What if they all mock me and make fun of me? What if I have a total breakdown in front of them and never make it to my car?” etc. Those are not your thoughts by the way, those are the spirit of fear’s thoughts that are being whispered into your ear hoping for you to adopt its thought as your own. Flip the script at that moment. Get the spirit of fear to have a panic attack. Say to it its fears: “Evil spirit of fear, you fear Jesus Christ. You fear the power of the cross and the blood of Jesus. Jesus owns you. He conquered you at the cross. You must obey Him. You fear him with fear and trembling. You fear God’s perfect love. The bible says that perfect love casts out all fear. You fear God perfectly loving me. Ha, ha, ha…that is so irrational. That makes you weird. You fear God’s perfection of love of me in Christ Jesus. You fear it so much that you have to run away when the thought is raised. It agitates you doesn’t it? You cannot stand being near the topic. Well, I am going to hammer you with what you fear even more than your attempts to hammer me with my fears. You fear the love of Christ Jesus, who always loves me unconditionally, and nothing can separate me from His love. And you just wanted me to fear people. What can man do to me? You told me lies. I’m telling you the truth, and you fear God’s love for me. You fear truth….” You get the point. Keep going with it. Be its racing thoughts. You have the trump card. You have what will give the spirit of fear a panic attack, and when it gets a panic attack, it will flee from you, and you will feel its presence lifted off of you. Believe me, this truly works! It is a true demonic spirit, with a real personality that is affected by its own panic attacks: the Word of God. When you do this enough times, the spirit of fear will not want to hang out with you anymore because it will start fearing you. Is this not how Jesus handled Satan when he was tempted in the desert?

Finally, Jesus said “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” The keyword in this statement is “know.” We must absolutely know and be convinced of the truth of 1 John 4:18, that there is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out all fear; and, also the truth of Ephesians 3:18-19, that God perfectly loves you. It is not just about attacking demons with the truth. It is also about you yourself intimately knowing and believing in the truth. Because even if the demons were to run away, but you still don’t know the truth, then the demons will still have an effect on you from the lies they told you in the past. Know the truth of love and you will be set free. And fight Satan and demons with the power of love (God’s love for you), which they cannot withstand, and they will flee from you.
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The Spirit of Fear
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